November 27, 2015

Changes to the Handicapping System – new CONGU manual

All Convenors should be aware that a new Unified Handicapping System 2012 to 2015 manual is available.  Copies will have been sent to your Clubs, but extra copies can be ordered from the SGU. In the new guidance, some of the principle changes are:

a.) Calculation of the CSS using the number of (target) scores within SSS+Category Buffer Zone instead of only the number of scores within 2 strokes of the SSS.

b.) An amendment to the CSS calculation for small fields (consisting of 9 players or less.)

c.) All members of SGU affiliated Clubs will have a CDH (Central Database of Handicaps) ID Number

Also, at Appendix J, there is a useful guide to the recommended way to allocate and alter handicaps for our newer Junior players. See:-  Dave Warren, Secretary.